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You didn’t need to see our scars - you only needed to hear our stories.
The service men and women of our Defences forces put their lives on the line for our freedoms. Far too many ex-diggers struggle with Mental Health problem upon their return. The CFMEU will never forget the sacrifice they’ve made. We ask you to back them too. Donate now at
Stand up. Speak out. Come home.
Dear CFMEU staff, Members and supporters
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the National Office of the CFMEU, and the ACT Branch, in particular Mr.Dean Hall for the level of sincere concern for, and the contribution given to, the wounded Australian Defence Force Veterans.
The CFMEU ‘Gets It’
The ongoing support from the CFMEU has been overwhelming and very humbling. It has been uplifting to be associated with an organisation that ‘Gets it’, that understands the pain and anguish, physical and mental that our vets experience. You didn’t need to see our scars, you only needed to hear our stories.
The financial support from the CFMEU allowed 40 men and women to walk the Kokoda Trek in April 2015 as part of a healing process. The group including volunteer servicemen and women, medic, and pastoral care, physically, mentally and morally supported the injured, encouraging and inspiring them to face the challenges of daily life, post war.
There by our side -you backed us all the way
The advantages of the CFMEU Kokoda journey have been nothing short of amazing. With the CFMEU’s ongoing support and guidance many veterans including those unable to participate in the trek due to poor health, still benefit.
Thanks to the CFMEU, senator Jacqui Lambie not only attended the launch she also joined us on the Kokoda track. senator Lambie is well known for her support of defence personnel and she left us speechless at the individual support she has offered to veterans since the trip.
The CFMEU’s steadfast support allowed our voices to be heard. We were given the opportunity to share the plight of many of our returned veterans to the broader Australian Community.
The opportunities generated by the CFMEU provided the perfect platform to highlight the poor treatment the current government has and continues to force our veterans to endure.
We didn’t realise at the time the real significance of what The National Secretary of the CFMEU, Michael O’Conner said during the launch. He emotionally spoke to us and said ‘once you’re with us, we’ll have your back’. The CFMEU has had our back in every sense of the word and we’re glad you’re on our side.
Thank you and kind regards,
Daniel Mott
CFMEU Kokoda 2015 Organiser Defence Equality supporter.

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