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Created Fri 24/07/2015, Last Updated Fri 24/07/2015

Arrest is nothing but politically motivated act: Media Release

The arrest of ACT CFMEU official John Lomax for trying to negotiate better pay and conditions for workers is an absolute disgrace, according to CFMEU National Construction Secretary Dave Noonan.

“It is unprecedented and an absolute disgrace that the Abbott Government is using the police to intervene in what is purely an industrial matter,” he said.

“Mr Lomax was arrested this morning. He was denied the right to have a lawyer present during the time he was at the police station. He has not been provided with any written document setting out allegations against him.”

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Created Mon 13/07/2015, Last Updated Mon 13/07/2015

Media Release 13/7/15

The allegations of bribery heard today at the Royal Commission in Canberra are serious and should be referred to the police.

Both parties to the alleged bribes which were the subject of evidence today should be prosecuted and dealt with by criminal courts.

The CFMEU does not tolerate corruption in its ranks and as we have consistently maintained, if there is an investigation, the police will have the full cooperation of the union.

MR Halafihi Kivalu is no longer employed by the CFMEU.

He is not supported or represented by the union in these proceedings.

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Vale Jack Cambourn

The recent passing of Jack Cambourn, former National and New South Wales Secretary of the FEDFA was marked by a memorial service at the New South Wales Trades and Labour Council this week.

Jack, one of the luminaries of the Australian union movement and an architect of the

CFMEU was born in Balmain and spent his life struggling for the advancement of the

working class.