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"More of us need to speak out and stop the silence on this issue," Noonan.
Created Tue 15/10/2013, Last Updated Mon 21/10/2013

Real men don't abuse women - CFMEU launches anti-violence campaign

The CFMEU today will launch a campaign to curb violence against women.

The campaign called: Real men don’t abuse women aims to spread the message that violence against women is unacceptable and to encourage more men to speak out against it.

The campaign will be launched at the union’s National Conference following an address by MUA Assistant Secretary and White Ribbon Ambassador, Mick Doleman.

CFMEU National Construction Secretary Dave Noonan said the union has been considering for some time how to play a role in addressing a major social and health problem in our community.

“There are far reaching effects of family violence on women, children and families in general,” said Mr Noonan.

“As a union with a large percentage of male members, we are in a unique position to communicate with men and we feel that we have a responsibility to stand up and speak out on this issue. Most men do not commit violence against women, but more of us need to speak out and stop the silence around this issue.

“Research shows that there is a link between violence and negative attitudes to women and relationships so we want our members to show leadership and stand up for what’s right.”

Victorian Secretary John Setka, who will move the motion at Conference, said violence against women would only be stamped out, when men worked with women to oppose abuse and violence wherever they encountered it.

“It’s not enough for us to say ‘that’s not my problem.’ It’s a problem that affects every pocket of society: the rich, the poor, the educated, the famous and every ethnic background.”

Mr Noonan said that CFMEU delegates and OHS reps are already well trained to assist members with non-work related problems.

“For a number of years now, we have been proactive in getting men to talk to each other on site. We are not advocates of men’s silence on important issues that affect their health, their well-being and their family life.”

Conference motion seconder, WA Secretary Mick Buchan said the CFMEU was not simply paying lip service to this issue.

“We want the message to go out on every work site and reach every worker.”